EverPress – Re-visiting Evernote as blog publishing engine

Back in June last year I wrote about how I was trying to use Evernote as a way of publishing to my WordPress blog.
At that time, I was using a third party plug-in for Word Press called WP-o-matic to autopost entries from Evernote which I got from a RSS feed published from a public Evernote notebook of mine. While it worked at the time, it was all a bit clunky and there was some issues – formatting mostly.
As with most things in the world of technology, it seems if you wait long enough someone will create a solution for what you want.
And so it was with my Evernote/WordPress integration efforts that I received a comment on my June blogpost from someone who has created just what I need in the form of a plug-in for WordPress called EverPress.
EverPress takes the RSS feed from an Evernote Notebook and makes each note a post.
I have been testing the plug-in out and it seems to work, just as it says. In fact, this blog post is written in Evernote and has been imported into my WordPress blog using EverPress.
I’m going to be doing a few more test posts with regards to looking at what it does with formatting, especially of images and hyperlinks. Initial posts show there’s still some manual formatting required if you want to get it looking a specific way.
Meanwhile, thanks to Andrew over at Wandernote.com for writing EverPress and leaving me a comment alerting me of it’s existance.
If you’ve got a WordPress blog and are an avid user of Evernote who wants a quick way of getting notes in Evernote pushed out to your blog, give Everpress plug-in a whirl, you won’t be disappointed.
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13 thoughts on “EverPress – Re-visiting Evernote as blog publishing engine

  1. Dave,
    Thanks very much for the acknowledgement of my comment, and link to WanderNote. A few further comments…
    First, and most important, I did not write the EverPress plugin. That was Martin Hawksey.
    Second, I fear – but do not know for sure – that you will find the same limitations with EverPress a you previously encountered. I think that they arise from what goes into the RSS feed from Evernote.
    Third, I invite you to get a free WanderNote blog for some or all of your testing of EverPress.
    Fourth, I also invite your readers to check out WanderNote.

  2. To update, I just tried a Evernote with formatting (links, bulleted list) and it carried over to the blog fairly well: without error, but not with the html I’d have used (e.g., links opened in a new window, and I changed the code so that they open in the same window).
    So I was unduly pessimistic in the previous reply.

  3. I added links using the web interface to Evernote, by clicking on the little chain-link symbol.
    I usually start my notes on Android, and am not sure about adding links from that client.

  4. Gentlemen,

    Might i ask what version of wordpress you are using? is it 2.9.1? I have installed everpress and shared a notebook, copied the url and pasted it into the top field on the everpress plugin setting page… i then clicked ublish, but no luck yet…

    anything i’m doing wrong?

    I’ll try to post a screenshot of my settings…

    1. Hi. I’m running 2.8.x on this blog. Did you get the green “valid feed” indicator next to your url? Hit “run now”..down bottom of the EverPress plugin page?

      I’ll try it on another of my blogs that’s running 2.9.1

  5. i’m running wordpress 2.9.1 and everpress 1.0.1….

    i was able to add the notebook url after sharing it and i clicked publish as well as run now, but for some reason, it doesn’t create any posts when i add content to evernote

  6. I appear to have it working with no reasonable explanation for why it decided to start all of the sudden…. definitely not complaining 🙂
    i wonder if there was a lag. it does appear the content is sized differently depending on how its inserted…

    also, it appears the only way to get it to refresh is through the admin panel- which is slightly annoying, but solvable i’m sure…

    have a looksie..


  7. I saw you had a couple screenshots there. I think lag was the issue. Generally the idea is to just throw stuff into Evernote and then forget it. But I guess what you’re saying is you would like it polling/importing more often than daily. Maybe write the author and request it. Until then, like you say, hitting “run now’ in the EverPress plugin page is the only option. Glad you got it working.

  8. Interesting. Are you still using evernote for your blog postings? I personally LOVE Microsoft’s Windows Live writer, but I can see how it would be handy to use evernote. I keep notes and what not there, so it does make sense.

  9. Hi James.

    Yes I still use Evernote/Everpress but only for quick text. I found the image conversion less than satisfactory.

    I agree, MS LiveWriter would be the best blog offline writer app I’ve seen. I use a Mac most of the time and use MarsEdit.

    Thanks for your comment.

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