Acoustibuds Earphone Adapters


I have trouble with earbuds falling out and this is problematic for me as I can’t put them back in myself. Seeing a lot of my listening is done wile traveling in the back of my van, it becomes a bigger problem and annoyance. My solution was to purchase earbuds with the soft rubbery ends that poke into your ear canal more. This is better but not ideal and still requires buying specialised earbuds which are often more expensive.

That’s why these Acoustibuds appealed to me. They are small rubber parts which fit over your standard hard ear buds and reportedly provide a more comfortable experience that stays in your ear better. They are replaceable so you can take them from one set of buds to another and are removable for easy cleaning.

Note I’m going by hearsay as I haven’t actually used this product, so it’s not so much an endorsement as an opinion that they seem like a good idea, especially in my situation.

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One thought on “Acoustibuds Earphone Adapters

  1. Ahh that Dick DeBartolo is a legend. I haven’t wathcced the show for a while though.

    These look great and BT campatible too makes them even more appealing.

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