Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-31

  • head in too many places #
  • on hold to centrelink. on skype-out, call recorder running. #
  • @fang Just skipped vista here on mac/bootcamp and went to win7 in reply to fang #
  • Just realised, my ideal quick flow/blogging solution would most likely currently be solved if Evernote had a “Blog This” button ๐Ÿ™‚ #evernote #
  • @kerryank you’re hurting my brain. in reply to kerryank #
  • A caveat to previous #evernote tweet – it should do more than attempt to load an ext blogging app, like #netnewswire does :/ #
  • Reading minutes #
  • @kerryank and said strangers should be given 4 glasses of red wine for having to listen ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to kerryank #
  • checking out a thing called #SortSite … mmm no Mac version – #
  • @kerryank oo…then we’d all be tequilaised! in reply to kerryank #
  • @monnie I keep one of those foldup ones stashed in me bag with me wallet. in reply to monnie #
  • oh poo, 6 pages with accessibility problems o my blog … must fix. #
  • SEO-“Title tag is longer than 66 characters. Google search results display the first 66 characters of the title, cropping to complete words” #
  • @Kodo on what mac? mines an older mini. in reply to Kodo #
  • OO…my ext drive died. #
  • Time to get a big nas I reckon. recommendations? #
  • @mickyj I’ve heard ReadyNAS is good. You sell em I guess? ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to mickyj #
  • @mickyj something that’ll do 2 x 1gb mirrored with hot swap. in reply to mickyj #
  • resizing bootcamp partition using CampTune after win7 took more room than expected – so far so good. #
  • bugger, just found a typo in my cv #
  • @kerryank oooo…now that’s a cheeky idea! in reply to kerryank #
  • love the way mac integrates pdf everywhere #
  • heading out into the big bad world of dark. laters. #
  • loading ipod for commute this arvo. god I wish #twit would id their shows so they appear together. loading 2schooners, mbw, some #ntc09 etc #
  • back from beyond #
  • Anyone know which wiki software (self-hosted) has the best back end editing – preferably wysiwyg? #
  • <filter time=0:30:00>-#newinventors</filter> #
  • aghh…filter fail. going twitter-dark #
  • perplexed that #evernote doesn’t seem to sync saved searches between computer instances #
  • @fang will get onto lessig audio… in reply to fang #
  • bed. #
  • @fang This is what you want in reply to fang #
  • heading out into the big world of dark. later #
  • Updated blog post: virtual co-presence – #
  • Lifekludger New post: Buttonless remote control – move it #

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