A myriad of relay controls for Makers incl USB

{usb relay}
{usb relay}

There’s been discussion previously on the blog about some off the shelf, usb controlled power outlets that a few readers were chasing.

I recently received the below email from a reader, Tom Stephenson, about USB control of devices using relays.

Thanks Tom.

Hello Dave – Lifekludger,

I think you might have interest in a USB interface that can be used to control devices around the house from anywhere (via the internet). Having mechanical aptitude and IT skills would allow someone like you to control lots of things. I used a solid state relay to control (activate) a solenoid which would (on a lever) press a mechanical button. Sort of a simple robot. But I needed to press that button hundreds of times each day and wanted that done 24 * 7 for several weeks.


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