Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration and Display

bluetooth wristband
bluetooth wristband

Hack a Day had a post about this BT bracelet.

Forgetting the usefulness or otherwise of the display, I think there must be a myriad of uses due to the vibration of the device, especially for Blind users, for alerts of different kinds.

[via] [Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration and LCD Display – From China]

One thought on “Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration and Display

  1. If you’ll forgive the ulterior motive of plugging my blog, I’ve done a bit of work with this device, and my findings are here:
    As you’ll see when you read it, it’s not a great solution for general use, but some of your readers might find it useful. If you have any questions about the hack, or how it could be extended, drop me an e-mail or post a comment on my blog. Cheers šŸ™‚

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