Tweets for today

  • 11:27 @kentnewsome Dude, are we on for a eels recording tonight? see email from @fang #
  • 12:45 back to writing notes for eels. do you recall how I hate this bit? #
  • 12:47 @SilkCharm knock em dead Pixie…well, just hurt them a little anyway 🙂 #
  • 12:49 wishing I could pipe my news stream out of facebook into my rss reader #
  • 12:54 being distracted reading about a New Media Consortium symposium schedule for SL in march. hmmmm… #
  • 16:13 now to try piece show together from 4 bits #eel059 #
  • 17:30 mm…that actually went together easier than I thought #eel059 #
  • 17:49 uploading #eel059 preview for @fang .. v e r y s l o w l y … n e e d a f a s t e r l i n k … #
  • 21:02 "borrowing" a quote from @jobsworth for an article I’m writing. #
  • 21:11 @stilgherrian slandr is teh bomb. great speed + features #
  • 23:13 @aqualung aint he just. had great fortune to have him on my podcast back in 07 – #

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