Lifekludger Project 001 – Pilot Pledge

Lifekludger has the desire to connect people together around a project to solve a problem. For the long term it’s desirable that  the number projects are scalable as well as the funding for them.  Coming from that thinking I’m running a kind of Pilot project to see if there’s a way that projects can be funded using the site “”. If successful it could be used in future projects with other devices.

Mike and I discussed the concept of pledges and this project yesterday on our Extraordinary Everyday Lives podcast. If you’d like to have a listen to get more background.

Lifekludger Project 001 – Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Mouse

kensington mouseThe focus of this first project is to purchase a Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Mouse for testing and review for use by someone who has a physical disabilty.

The interesting aspect of this device is its ability to be used as a trackball. Its small size could prove beneficial for a person limited finger movement.

The funds will be used to purchase one of the devices and try it out. A review will be posted on the Lifekludger blog ( and if found usable by a particular person with a disability will be donated to them.

There’s many instances where off the shelf devices have the potential to increase the ability of people living with disability to use technology to enhance their life. Unfortunately though, due to the highly individual nature of disability and the often unique way technology is used in these circumstances, often it’s impossible to know if a device or piece of technology can be used by the person. Its often needed to test a device in a certain situation before committing to a purchase.

Fundable provides abilty to pledge with ease an amount towards the stated goal and if the total sought isn’t reached within the time allotted no money will be exchanged. More info can be found on the projects fundable page.

There is 10 days left to reach the goal.


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