Happy Birthday – JP : Abundant-Heterogeneous-Creativity

I hardly visit Facebook much, relying on alerts hitting my email inbox before I decide to visit the site. However one good thing that I stumbled on when last there was a notification that JP‘s birthday was imminent. I wanted to mashup something for the occassion.

Anybody ever awake during those first hot nights of summer will know how I spent mine last night figuring out best way to put this together. None of the flickr tools completely fit the bill (or none I could find and figure out at 2am) So I found photos and whacked them in iPhoto, titled them so they’d arrange how I wanted and took a screen shot. Uploaded to flickr, used Picnic to add border. Collected links and posted attribution. Now I’m blogging this from flickr.

Copyright got in my creative way in the process, with a few of the shots I would’ve liked to use not being Creative Commons licensed. Including one of JP’s (c’mon mate) which I used anyway, knowing he’d firgive me and one from ribbit, (which surprised me) and I didn’t use. However it just goes to show that even with the great flexibility and ease flickr offers with licensing, it’s still a matter of the creator knowingly deciding and using the availble tools for their work.

Anyway, all that is really just background filler around what I set out to say in the first place.



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