Bicycle Design for People with Disabilities | Future Technology

Great to see some good asthetic thought as well as pure functionality put into accessible design in this bicycle.

From the Tuvie site:

Bicycle designer Gavin Smith has come up with a new bicycle design that will help people with disabilities to ride the bicycle independently. Sometimes disabilities like cerebral palsy can affect the basic motor functions such as balancing which results in their inability to ride a regular bicycle. The bicycle is designed such that the supports automatically allow them to balance and operate the same effortlessly. The design also instills confidence so that they can ride the bike without any assistance.


7 thoughts on “Bicycle Design for People with Disabilities | Future Technology

  1. im writing an essay on new designs to help the disabled i wonder,do you no of any other designs like this one ????

  2. Hello,

    i live in Portugal and my mum has an handicap.
    I saw your bycicle and i would like to know if i can achive one in Portugal.
    Do you have a store in Portugal? Where can i see the byclicle?

    Thank’s in advance.

    Clara Sousa

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