Lifekludger does ARATA08 Conference

‘Assistive Technology – creating value through participation’ conference by Australian Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Association (ARATA) at the convention centre in Adelaide, South Australia.

dave mike screen 3

I was  encouraged by Hugh Stewart, from the School of Occpational Therapy at UNISA to present a paper on what I’ve been doing online and around social media with AT – or what I call ‘kludging my way through life’.

DSCN0376.JPGWhat we eventually turned out was a presentation entitled ‘Life Tools’ that Mike Seyfang and I gave at the conference. This ended up being a real story of a bloke, his mate and our shared connections, giving key examples to paint a picture of what we have been doing over the years. The time was so short so we needed to thread a narrative to paint a picture of possibilities.

It went great and I was pleased with what we achieved in the time – even though the whole thing seems like a blur to me.

The slides can be found here, the original paper as the background can be found here, some low-fi recordings from the day here, and here. Hopefully a better version recorded from the sound desk will emerge in time.

There also some photos from the event from Mike, me and the resident Artist at the conference – John from – up on flickr here.

Audio [lofi]
My Flickr images
Mikes Flickr images
Johns Flickr images
All images tagged “arata08”
Johns site – Inkrain
Rick CliseSculpture

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