New iPod and the Importance of Input Feedback

Being the geek I am, as well as the sleeper I am, I found myself following the Apple ‘Let’s Rock’ event at 2.30am.

One interesting thought about the new stuff that was announced is the accessibility aspect is being thought about and incorporated at th design stage. 

Like most of the things to do with access there’s because effects from these developments for a wider range of people to use and benefit that goes beyond those necessarily thought of. 

The new iPod’s spoken menus and screen enhancements reinforce the importance of feedback on user input.
I’m sure in time will find appreciation from a wider audience than the obvious.

Never underestimate unintended consequences. “…the street finds its own uses for things” – William Gibson

[Accessibility Features of new Nano from Apple’s website]



  • Spoken menus allow listeners to hear many of the names of menus, song titles, and artists without viewing the screen.
  • An alternative large font can make menus easier to read.
  • A high-resolution LCD display with adjustable contrast and backlight settings makes it easier to read in low light.
  • Captions in video are displayed when they are present using a legible, high-contrast white-on-black font.


One thought on “New iPod and the Importance of Input Feedback

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