The Touch Barrier – Testing the pogo stylus

pogo no go

After writing an article about my concerns over the pervasive use of touch I was alerted via a comment to the pogo stylus [thanks @garthk] .

The Touch Barrier

pogo stylus


I thought it might’ve been a solution so I wrote to “Ten One Design” outlining why I’m so interested.

The response I got from them was okay (though no offers of a test unit .. in future maybe I’ll ask straight up) and so not to clutter this post up you can see my email and the response over on flickr.

email exchange

So, I ordered a couple pogos, from the US, to test.


First test of Pogo Stylus on my mouthstick was on a old macbook – first of the Intel Core Duos. It kind of worked but didn’t last.

It also needs to be almost 90deg to surface. Adjustment of touch pad controls helped.

This as I said was an early macbook. Over the next while I tried iton on MacBook Pro, a later Macbook (Core 2Duo) an iPhone and an iPod Touch that friends have. I tested it first on my mouthstick, like in the photos, and then by getting a friend to try on the same devices without skin touching the metal.

In all instances it would NOT work WITHOUT skin coming into contact with the metal casing ofthe stylus.

So the pogo won’t help you if you are insulated from the stylus say with thick gloves, and it’s not my solution.

I’m now in discussion via email asking similar questions about another stylus/pen I saw on Think Geek called “iPhone Japanese Touch Pen Stylus”

iPhone Japanese Touch Pen Stylus

I’ll keep you posted.

10 thoughts on “The Touch Barrier – Testing the pogo stylus

  1. Hello, I’m a college student from Germany.
    Would you say that this could be an replacement for my fingertips (in case of touching the metal from the hull), or does it work so poor and inresponsive, that it is useless on, for example a macbook Air?
    I would love it, when i could make simple sketches on my trackpad, without needing an unhandy wacom tablet :-D.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Their site makes special mention of the fact that you can use it with thick gloves on… good work slamming them for that one! Hope you get a few free v2’s out of them…

  3. Hi Gary.

    If you can touch the stylus I’d say you’d be fine with simple sketching on your trackpad.

    The macinstein blog had a bit on sketching with it – albeit they were using iPhone. []

    I have had email from someone using it with drawing apps on a MacBook Air. So you could be in luck.



  4. Streetdaddy

    If they work for you with gloves on that’s great. Write a blog post and tell us all.

    And if any v2 comes out and works how I need them to I’ll be buying heaps of them – gladly.



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