Miscellaneous small thoughts loosley blogged

Photo: Kamyar Adl

Some thoughts of recent, spurred on by many things.

I had been thinking about returning to more ‘stream of conscious’ blogging but hadn’t got there – so it’s about time I did.

But this might not be one of them.

It used to be people blogged heaps….then something, or some things happened.

We got Twitter.

Actually it’s not all twitters fault. It’s a combination of things. Not having a really easy and convenient method for blog input (like twitter input); A sense of thinking we need to somehow always make sense and now blogging is grown-up so too must what we write – which means longer, in-depth posts – which just means putting it off and finding other things for outlet of our cognitive surplus (ty Mr Shirky). Then we just get ‘busy’ and around we go again.

So talking on our latest podcast the other day (which I  haven’t got up at this stage, but will link when I do….no, I’m NOT keeping this in draft until then, as I would like to do, I’m getting this out) Mike and I were wondering about this blogging stuff and talking about books – one was David Weinberger’s “Everything is Miscellaneous“. And it hit me. I had noticed that David’s blog (Joho) had often had little one line or so thoughts as a post…most times with a link. Doc Searls is another good one for dropping a blog post thought on something going through his mind. While both are expertly capable in marvelous, awe inspiring pieces of writing, they also jot every little thing in their blog that hey have a thought about. And why wouldn’t they … being Cluetrain guys. … and why shouldn’t I?

The thoughts we all have are not going anywhere towards the collective cognitive bank unless we SHARE them….and unless we enable them to be scraped, crawled, spidered and indexed they remain isolated. They need to be joined with other thoughts to build snowballs … that Doc likes to roll down hills. 🙂

Remember in the blogosphere – and all online activity – linking is currency – and all coins, no mater how small, when collected can make great things happen.

Toss even your small coins in. I’m going to.


One thought on “Miscellaneous small thoughts loosley blogged

  1. welcome back & tks 4 the coin
    one more thing – reading on iPod makes it harder to respond to blog hence less feedback

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