The touch barrier — responses

After my previous post about the “Touch Barrier” as referring to the inherent issues of the pervasive use of touch technologies I had some good responses.

@lucychili pointed me to work Peter Hutterer is doing with MPX

Laurel wrote a blog post “Disabilities social networks games” pointing to a article DISABLED GAMERS’ COMPRISE 20% OF CASUAL-VIDEOGAME AUDIENCE

Mike wrote his ideas in a blog post response urging manufactures to ‘bake accessibility IN

 Images Iphone Gun HandGarth wrote a comment pointing me to the “Pogo iPhone Stylus”. The manufacturer’s site says “The stylus keeps you efficient, even through thick gloves”

I’ve ordered a couple of these Pogo Stylus to test out and also left them an email and will let you know how things go.

Not bad for the same day.

Further responses I’ll also aggregate here.

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