Lifekludger vision from outside

200805292035The other day my vanity feeds came up with another connection – this time in the shape of a photo on flickr that references Lifekludger being used in a blog post.

The post was by Mike Poole who’d used a photo of a drawing Roy Blumenthal had started for me when designing a logo for Lifekludger.

Well I left a comment complimenting Mike’s use of such a great image 🙂 Roy must’ve done the same and that sent Mike on a hunt – checking out these new connections.

Mike then wrote a blog post, titled “Risk and Redemption“, about us. Nothing unusual really for anyone actively involved with the blogosphere and interested in the real value inherent there – the people.

What stunned me though was the way Mike then turned around and from reading my loose trail of rants then so eloquently and lucidly set about expressing in two paragraphs a great deal of what I’d been trying to say about Lifekludger over the last few years.

I quote his post below:

Dave Wallace’s Lifekludger blog is a lot like that too, although to call it a blog overshadows its power as a kind of electronic thought tablet. Dave uses the term meme, and it seems to be a work in perpetual process. A Kludge, not incidentally, is a workaround, a way of getting by and getting better with limited opportunities. Dave Wallace is interested in what you might call life-hacks, and he brings to bear on them the perspective of a quadriplegic former mechanic who is seeking new tools to shift between contexts, who is exploring the possibilities of social networks in the Cyber Age.

An important point that Dave makes in a post he published late last year is that mindsets are not only limiting, they’re potentially lethal. Resistance to new ideas, particularly to the innovation and change inherent in technology, enhances social isolation, renders it close to compulsory. He discusses the deadening decontextualisation of “people with disability living in ability boxes” – conventional architecture, existing building codes – and his frustration with people who consider computers, those exemplary tools for communication, as little more than toys.

But I’m heartened by Dave Wallace’s insistence that workarounds should be fun as they connect people,

Over the years I’ve sratched out the things burning in my insides about technology and it’s underestimated benefit it can have in the lives of those who most stand to benefit by using it as a tool. But I’ve struggled to get the true idea and vision and motivation for it into a concise, coherent form.

In the process of writing on the blogs, commenting on others posts I’ve connected with many wonderful people. I’ve used the podcast to strengthen the connections by deepening the conversation in voice. And it’s been a wonderful ride of remixed, overlapping creative thought.

All directed and driven by the core things Mike outlines in his paragraphs above.

Thanks Mike

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