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My friend Biff from Naked Yak wrote something ages ago I’ve wanted to reiterate here as it’s very important:

Naked Yak 27/01/08 8:04 AM NakedBiff


The more we share the more we know each other, the more we have in common. In this sense, how we use the technology that is available to us is key – we should use it to share. And we are!

From Boston Now:
“People may make fun of blog or Twitter posts about what someone had for breakfast or how they like a certain video game, but it is all part of how humans build a cooperating society that works. It can’t be rushed, and it can be nurtured, even with simple text messages.”

In the long run, sharing technologies may just help bring about World Peace, by making us more aware of each other.

Not us and them, but we. (kudos to Father Bob)


One thought on “Share : Connect – World Of We

  1. Thanks Dave,

    I read a snippet somewhere today on Valleywag about Pownce, and it seems the term ‘social messaging’ is being used over there in Silicon Land to describe the world-of-we sharing that happens more and more all the time.

    I’m looking forward to talking about this on E.E.L.S very soon!

    Take it easy


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