Second Life, the ABC and Virtual Social interactions

UPDATE: The Producer of the show sent me the audio and I’ve snipped out music and commercials. You can listen here.


Just like Laurel, I was asked on the ABC Radio Tuesday night to talk about Second Life (SL).

Evidently the show was about online relationships, not just SL, but I didn’t know this beforehand, not that it worries me. Unlike Laurel, who got bombarded with the sex and Second Life questions that seem to titillate the main stream media, I tended to focused on what SL offers me in terms of adding to the fabric of my life, the creative expression and particularly how online social networks of any kind hold the potential to lessen the effects of social isolation for a variety of people.

Second Life, as a visually rich environment full of a diverse range of people can give an opportunity for equally rich social interaction. Just like the physical world….only a different geography.

Pixels are people too.

It was interesting to be in discussion with the twitter crowd, particular thanks to @mpesce, @nickhodge & @silkcharm, before, after and as the show was on air and get comments and encouragement from them – another group of social interactions.

The show was streamed live but I don’t think podcast. However I’ve been in touch with the Producer and have a disc with the whole show on its way to me. Will see if I can make it available.


2 thoughts on “Second Life, the ABC and Virtual Social interactions

  1. Hello dear. It was actually @fanbloodytastic (twitter) that got me involved a few days before and I did receive a ‘brief’ that it was relationships. But I had the impression it was hands off on willies and girly bits – until about 5 minutes before the show, and even then, it was to be careful and low key. You might want to try asking him for a copy – I think he said he might be able to make a podcast of it all by Friday. BTW Laurel= @silkcharm for those few ppl who might not know πŸ˜›

    And Second Life IS full of cybersex. Nothing wrong with that (well, mostly) but no point in saying that it ISN’T. πŸ™‚

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