Modeling Second Life virtual objects in the Physical – Paper Prototyping


I recently came across this site called Export To World which offers a method of taking virtual objects created in Second Life and creating a physical paper model of it in First Life.

In effect making physical objects from virtual ones.

Novel concept you say, but so what?

Well, think of the situation where a person without the ability needing something made (a ‘Liver‘) by someone who has the ability to make it (a ‘Maker‘). I’ve written before about how I’ve created in Second Life a mock-up of an idea for an arm going over my bed and demonstrated this online, including its action. To take it further, using the methods described on the Export To World site, this object would be able to be made into a 3D physical model to convey the requirements of the design and it’s function to someone making it.

I mean, we already have CAD/CAM with robots making objects in this way. The aspect here that I like is that it points toward a low cost solution available to all, and now.

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