Immersive podcast recording in SL – next Extraordinary Everyday Lives show

UPDATE: Mike has written a good post about this podcast session over on his blog.

A few days ago Nick Hodge wrote an interesting post titled “Thinking Ahead of the Game” about Immersive Conversations. I like it because it quickly condenses and summarises the online interaction ‘state-of-play’.

It also uncannily traces the spaces I’ve found myself in. Immersed in Second Life participating in real life conversations, helping in mixed-reality meetups and undertaking experiments in recording our podcast from SL, aided by a crowd of onlookers gathered via Twitter.

This Thursday 20th Dec., that’s tomorrow folks, we are going to be recording episode #40 of Extraordinary Everyday Lives podcast from SL. I’m going to be talking in-world to a couple people, one whom I’ve known ever since being in SL. I’m interested to hear their stories of what they’ve been doing with the American Cancer Society in SL. But we are open to taking it where participants want to go.

As part of this, I’ve been getting help from fellow TPN friends to collaboratively setup a space for this all to happen. And I’m hoping we can involve some interaction from anyone joining us either by having them join the conversation on te podcast by voice or byasking questions and giving real time, real life feedback in a virtual space.

So please, if you’re free Thursday 20th Dec at 2:30PM Adelaide time (8:00PM Wed 19th SL time), join Mike, Kent and I in SL and join in and help make the immersive conversation truly engaging.

SLURL of location:

Meeting Planner : Time and Date


[aka Dave Koi]

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