Thoughts from the road – change, steps and the signal.

Took a quick trip bush.

Getting into the van, this line came to me:

Into the cockpit of our future
Fly the memories of our past

That’s not quoting anyone, it’s my original thought. There’s a poem in there somewhere. Maybe the rest will appear sometime. Or maybe it’s just stimulus.

Sitting in the back of the van, half sleeping, gives lots of
opportunity for catching up on podcasts and things I haven’t listened
to for a while….or thought about.

Here’s a line from Bruce Cockburn that resonates:

You’ve no idea how I long
For even one loving caress
For you to step into my heart
Without deception or duress

That comes from “Life Short Call Now” the song, off the album by the same name. I also got stuck on the song “Slow Down Fast”. (I’ve quoted these before, last year, but without context).

I wonder about the dichotomy that seems to exists between the two songs. “Life’s short”, seemingly urging us to speed up action and “Slow Down” drawing us to the opposite conclusion. Of course the answer lay in the detail, and in context the songs are both valid and both saying the same thing – think about what you’re doing, right here, right now.

In my common parlance they’re both saying – find and focus on the signal.

Tension, balance, change.

Which got me to thinking why it is I’ve never driven change in my own life. So much of my life seems to be having change forced upon me. I admire people who can say I want a change, I want to be doing this, this and this, and do it.

Sure, those who know me know that there’s reasons I might feel this way. We all have limitations and things we can and can’t do, I’m talking about changing those things we cam. But I especially think this stuff is harder when it comes to fundamental personality issues. Like always wanting to be a poet, or architect but for various reasons becoming a doctor. But you can’t deny who you are.

So I thought perhaps I need to draw a line in my own sandbox and take a step over it. Even if it’s just a little step; a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I decided to make a decision (there’s an odd line for you). I’m going to do that writing course I’ve been thinking about for the past couple years. I’m telling you here so you’ll hold me to it. If I’m bad at creating the change I want in my life, rather than that I think others do, then maybe I should get help. Tag, you’re it, dear reader!

I might fail, but then again, as they say in the excellent Australian movie “The Dish” – “Failure is never quite as bad as regret“.


Photo from flickr by zacklur

One thought on “Thoughts from the road – change, steps and the signal.

  1. John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892) wrote, “For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: ‘It might have been!'” Go for it Dave! This post is resonating with me in a big way.

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