wordcamp take-aways

Wordcamp to me was the right un-conference at the right time.

At work we’ve been going through some tough stuff after getting near 50% of our budget cut earlier this year. I’ve been re-evaluating everything we do and trying to gaze into the future and direct the IT side of our frail mothership forward. Slash-and -Burn and re-group kinda thing. We’d been through a few ideas and came to wpmu as a platform to drive us forward.

I wanted to get a feel for where we stood with wpmu and alaso take opportunity to plug my programmer colleague, Trent, into some of the WP network/community and give him some exposure to it.

The trip was definitely worth it. I gained some good strategic ideas and clarfied some of my thinking thanks to the sharing of experiences by those attending and those speaking. It was good to see examples of people actually using wordpress in the different ways I’d been thinking we could use it as well.

Trent got enthused about lots of things, microformats being one , and within a few days had implemented them on his own blog. We also tried to pimp the Flickr Manager Plugin for WordPress he’s written, which allows you to upload and manage and include your Flickr photos in your blog posts all from your wordpress – you can find a copy of Flickr Manager v1.0 Plugin v1.0 here.

So, thanks to all who made the camp happen and made us welcome. Look forward to more sharing in the future.

To top it all off I won a door prize of a iPod Nano.

Photos of me at wordcamp:

Trent n I after a hard days wordcamp and walk home in the wind

Back of my head at the panel

Me looking all serious at Chris Burgess at the Non-Profit roundtable 

Me at yet another round table – not so serious this time  (with @cait on my left)

All photos on flickr tagged wcm07

Videos etc over at Eight Black 


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