Beetroot in Subway – are Subway now gonna charge extra?

Some recent comments on my Bring Beetroot Back to Subway meme so thought I’d update you all.

Jim loves Subway but not Beetroot.

  1. I love subway but beetroot sux. its messy and i hate it in my subway. adelaide has beetroot and never got rid of it but i wont be upset if it goes for good.Comment by Jim — August 7, 2007 @ 11:02 pm

Well at least Jim’s contributing. But I beg to differ. Subway did get rid of Beetroot from its’ stores for a period of time. That’s whe and why I started this whole Bring Beetroot Back thing.

Our anon-a-mouse friend BeetrootNowCostsExtra breaks the news to us that Subway, being the folks so in touch with their customers, are going to keep beetroot but start charging extra for it…..mmm…what a neat idea….make your customers pay extra to keep something you already get.

  1. From December 2007, Adding Beetroot to your subs will cost $0.30 extra on 6 inch subs and $0.60 extra on foot-long subs. At least in all the Subway stores I’ve been to have this “important” sticker about beetroot attached to their shop-windows.Comment by BeetrootNowCostsExtra — November 11, 2007 @ 6:53 pm

And Jim’s back, good on you Jim. While Adelaide *might* be only city with beetroot on Subways, I wonder why that is…hmmm?Anyway, good to see people having theconversation.
And I know from direct correspondence from franchisees that other states in Australia want it and have been asking.

  1. Subway is charging for Beetroot because all you greedy people have been asking for too much. The formula for beetroot is 3 cubes on a six inch and 6 cubes on a foot long. you all ruined it for every one….Now we have to pay. Also beetroot is only available in South Australia. No other city in the WORLD has it so you should be grateful we have it whether we have to pay for it or not.Comment by Jim — November 13, 2007 @ 10:04 pm

Well it’s great to see people having the conversation about even this relatively small topic in an open the long tail is long.

How much more fruitful it could be if Subway decided to wade in to the naked conversation. If they already aren’t as anon-a-mouse. Come on, get naked guys, we’ll respect you and your decisions a lot more for it.


2 thoughts on “Beetroot in Subway – are Subway now gonna charge extra?

  1. A friend of mine owns 5 subways in melbourne. he said he would never have beetroot in his stores & is surprised we do as the US calls the shots world wide. we in SA should be grateful that we have it here. I personally find it messy and not suited for a sandwich. Dave maybe you should stop this pathetic blog of yours and get a real life you loser…………….

  2. Ah- I dont find it so pathetic to think that an individual and then a group can have an influence that means in little old Adelaide we have something different from the mighty US of A- even if it is over the wonderful vege Beetroot! Gives me a sense of hopefulness!

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