Barriers to Input

Came across this slide when flicking through the stack Laurel used for her presentation on Mobile Social Networks at Web Directions South. Try as I might I couldn’t get past this one slide.
input restrictions.jpg
In a bit of context-shifting (something my brain does very well all of its own accord) I realise that this succinctly points out something fundamental to access across a myriad of areas.

Accessibility is not just of the html/css web accessibility kind. Sure, that gets highlighted and a lot of attention here on the Interwebs (rightly so), but mostly it’s just because the net is the newest part of society at large that needs to come to terms with the access issue. It is just the latest incantation of where people participate in societal life – or at least try to. However it’s nothing new in terms of inclusion. It’s jut the latest battle ground.

When I talk to OT students at the UNI lectures I do I talk to them about a world in which all the doors are made 5 foot tall (1500mm). What would they think about having to duck through every doorway they want to go through, and what would it say to them about what value society puts on them by designing and creating such an environment that specifies doors should be that height.

Laurel is dead right – the enablement layer sucks if you don’t conform to the design parameters. The effect is that your input to society is restricted and any benefit the society (or the individual) might gain from is lost.

Apply this to whatever field you live, work or play in. Physical or digital. It’s all life.

Participation in all society by all is fundamentally about access and access is about removing barriers. Still.

This is what I see Lifekludger as – a participator in removing barriers.

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