Re-Making History

hgv2.gifA few months ago, while on a diversion not usually seen here, I wrote about the ”History of Disability in South Australia” site we’d just opened at work. It came after a whirlwind of activity that turned into a marathon of cutting features to meet deadline. At that time I hinted at some of the features missing that I didn’t get a chance to impliment.Well I’m pleased that the site has been revamped and now is more representative of my original vision.

History v2 incorporates a lot of the features to enable participation in the site, including:

.search function
.comments on every article
.tags on each article linking to other resources
.inclusion of images relevant to what’s being viewed
.enhanced image viewing
.faster page loading of images
.improved topics page linking to tags
.rss feeds

Now, for a rehash of all the other sites into something that offers a platform for participation and conversation in information provision.


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