WE the people, WE the bloggers

The other day I read a post titled “Shared Cultures” on the Naked yak blog, the the ending part of which read…

….We should use the potential openness of social networks to make a difference, to shape the future into a much more intimate place – a world of ‘we’.

This comment about ‘we’ resonated with what I read Father Bob talk a lot about – like is typified in the post quoted below. It’s even more pertinent because of the sentence about the blogging ‘we’.

I still believe that a culture (people) creates the technology it needs to bring about what it desires – and in it’s simplest form that is summed up as ‘we’.

No longer us and them, just WE!

6:45pm Wednesday August 8, all the lights go out at my place in South Melbourne. 6:50pm all the lights are back on. Lucky me.

The only torch at hand had flat batteries. The only cigarette lighter had no fuel. It’s a two storey house – dark as the tomb. What would I have done? I wasn’t prepared. Someone was. The electricity grid was prepared. Thanks to lots of fellow citizens who work all hours that the rest of us in a big city may live in comfort.

No longer us and them, just WE. Yet another example of how we depend on each other to do our duty. Ok, a computer put the lights back on but someone programmed that computer. Thank you, that someone.

Hospitals function because some people look after others, put others before themselves.

Traffic flows according to the same principle, whether on earth, sea or in the sky.

When a disaster strikes, natural or manmade, police and other essential service providers swing into action. Duty calls, some go even beyond the call of duty.

Churches do their duty when they behave as centres of hope in their neighbourhoods.

Bloggers do their duty when they act as “social” reporters. The mainstream media is jealous of this emerging information sharing phenomenon.

Pictures are taken by phone cameras and downloaded (or is it uploaded) onto MySpace or YouTube. Is this done from a sense of duty or a desire to become known?


(emphasis added)


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