Got a track back to a post I wrote last year about openness on the Net. It was a link from a post on what appears a fairly new blog called naked yak.

Looking around, turns out it’s the blog of a team of people from Naked Ltd who is a start-up company working on a new open messaging service that will enable people to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences, through lightweight mixed-media posts.

Reading through the posts on the blog I’m struck by the vibe that seems to be driving the development – personal openness, human connection (and anyone whose watched ‘The Castle’ knows ‘the vibe’ is everything :)).

Their plain spoken manifesto is:

Being Naked means that:

I say what I mean
You mean what you say
I’m more in touch
I’m in touch more

If they can deliver on something that enables us as people to filter out the noise so we can find the signal that matters to us, more power to them. I can’t wait to see it.


One thought on “Naked

  1. Hi Dave,

    You’re right on point there. The blog has been going less than a week, and I was so glad to have found Blob last Friday. Not only does nakedness jump out of your posts in droves, but it is a great launchpad for other like-minded sources.

    I look forward to reading your archives, and listening to more Extraordinary Everyday Lives (the latest edition of which I have been enjoying today). It would be a great pleasure to appear on the show in the future.

    Turrah for now,


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