Making History

I try not to talk too much about work but I’m laid up here in Horizontal HQ (bed) and a certain pixie has been on my back (figuratively speaking) to blog yet my mind’s a bit of a haze from a cold. So I thought I’d show you what we been working on as it went live today.

History of Disability in South Australia.

You can go there to find out what it’s all about. I wanted to relay a few details about it. I kind of wanted to put a (beta) sign on it as there’s much more in plan for it. We want to enable a way to comment on the articles and stories, to allow conversations about and around the content while it adds to the richness at the same time. You know, “I went to that school too, I found…” type discussion.

My major focus when building out the infrastructure was to allow it to scale over time and be easy for the staff who adds stuff to do so. Also not having access to bunches of resources (including our funding which was recently cut in half) I wanted to use tools and services available where possible and not re-invent the wheel.

It’s based on a wordpress backend that’s been modded for easy content management, Flickr for images and lots of custom kludges to bring it together. The whole thing is tag based so offers extreme flexibility for future. We plan to also build fulfilment services in and make use of classification of resources ongoing by incorporating the ability for people to add to the collective by submitting tags. Search also is anticipated.

All these things should be relatively easy to implement given time due the nature of wordpress.

There’s been lots of behind the scenes things that conspired to never let it come to pass, but at least now we have the first building blocks down.

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4 thoughts on “Making History

  1. Excellent, David! I think it’s a wonderful start, and as you say, there’s room to grow, too. I’ve got a mention posted to H-Disability, and it should be linked in the next issue of the Disability History Association newsletter too.

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