Back on the air after 48 hours

I don’t believe it.

Picture 14.jpg
Mark of the beast?

I’m actually back connected to the outside world after over 48 hours of two of my phone lines being out of order – one of them my ADSL connection.

I felt helpless as I rang Telstra again and again with them saying that its a ‘major fault” (no shit sherlock!) that had taken over 200 services out with it.

Geez. Realise just how much of what I do depends on net connection.

I managed to keep an eye on services at work through my 3G phone, at times connecting via BT on Mac out through it, but doing that too long would get very expensive very quickly so kept it to a minimum.

Along with thinking about contingency plans for your online identity, best think about your connections if a lot of what you do resides in the cloud.

Well, there went my plans of upgrading this blog to WP 2 today.


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