Lifekludger Links Weekly #18

flexi crutches# Flexability Crutches make limping fashionable
Wonder how these cater for different height people. Nice to see design coming into these devices though. Now, if they could just make my wheelchair look spiffy. [Pop gadget]

# BT uses Gaming Tech for PC
The BT Balance is a device that plugs into a USB port and uses software to control the screen via movement of the laptop. Mmm…not much good if you can’t hold anything. Maybe could build this technology into my mouthstick. [Pop gadget]

keyport# Keyport slide
Keys that retract into a casing. Excellent idea for those weak hands – easier to grab and turn. [Ubergizmo]

# Biomorph interactive desks fit to you
Adjustable height desks. Bliss. [Pop gadget]

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