RFID Keyless Lifestyle

rfid in watchbandCaught this idea about a RFID keyless access device on the local New Inventors TV show on the ABC last night.

The Keyless Lifestyle Controller is an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag that is small enough to be worn on the inside of your watch band.

Evidently he’s a friend of my mate UncleNick.

So Nick, tell him I’d like to see a ‘Lifekludge’ I could use to open the electric strike on my front door I already have at my place so I don’t have to key in a number or press a button.

Beyond all this ‘convenience/lifestyle’ tech stuff being developed, there’s a real need (and a real market) in a parallellel universe around disability and aging awaiting.

4 thoughts on “RFID Keyless Lifestyle

  1. G’day. My name is Andy. I work at Keyless Lifestyles. I would be very happy to arrange for someone to look at your electric strikeplate and see how our system can integrate. Pretty sure, if it’s a standard plate, we will be able to get you onto our system without too much trouble. (I’ll come myself if you’re in Sydney)


  2. Gday Andy. I live in Adelaide. I use a button on my wheelchair that operates the strike wirelessly. That works fine and while I’m sure it could be replaced with RFID I’m not sure I need it or could justify any cost.

    My comment was that if the RFID system would work with the kind of strikes commonly fitted in my situation then others who couldn’t activate a button might benefit from your system.

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. No worries. This is an area we are actively working on, so I would be glad to hear any suggestions for the ‘perfect’ solution. Our system currently works with most of the popular electronic strike plates, using the RFID tag technology. The tag needs to be passed close to the reader to activate – no keying numbers, no pushing buttons. If the reader were located at the appropriate height, the tag could be attached to a wheelchair so as to activate the lock as the chair passed, perhaps?

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