Australian Broadband – View from both sides of Government.

Live blogging from the CU07 conference. Here’s notes from first couple keynotes from both sides of Government.

It’s all as I heard it – ymmv.

Senator Helen Coonan – Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (LIB)

Internet (broadband) – The fifth utility
Opposes ALP ‘fibre to the node’
G9 (Optus led)
Won’t build where industry will.
Communication fund $9 Billion (for country etc).
Top 10 OECD countries for BB takeup.

$162M broadband connect fund for regional.
National BB Network for regional areas. To be completed 2009.

$562.5 M has been put nto Innovative programs for ICT.

E-strategy guide launched CU06 (seems old to me)
3rd Section Expansion Program – 3STEP report
Taking paper to OCC

$113M Clever Networks Program..?
Disability ?

Paper-Broadband …

Guidelines for 2nd round Clever Networks program released.
Senator Stephen Conroy- Shadow Minister for Communications & Information Technology (ALP)

Burrito project on myspace as example of scaleable commity project.

BB more than just faster internet.
Is important economic Infrastructure as important as other utilities.

Issue moved from IT pages to front pages.
Up there with Education & Climate change.
Speed rated 26/30
Quality 21st

Minister told office to stop collection of these stats re Bb.
Australia BB backwater.

Touched on de-centralisation. Tele-working.
ALP would provide $4.7Bn over 5 years in collaboration with private.
Fibre to node network.
Deliver absolute min 12mb/s to 98% country.

Telstra & G9 (Optus led) network Govt. Mentioned would only build for 5 cap cities and major centres.


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