ConnectingUp 2007

Next week I’m off to ConnectingUp 2007 Conference. This is Australia’s premiere conference for Non Profit Technology ventures. And lucky for me it’s held in Adelaide.

I’ll be doing a bit of live blogging from the event from my phone so look out here for that or on Technorati for the cu07 tag.

If you are taking photos or blogging about the conference, use cu07 tag and keep an eye out on delicious for

I will be hanging in the ‘Starting your blog’ Part 1 workshop on day one giving my mate Mike Seyfang support and anyone a hand where needed.

Conference Scedule

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2 thoughts on “ConnectingUp 2007

  1. Was great to meet you at CU07. After the initial politics were out the way I got a lot out of the sessions. The blogging one especially with Mike and you got me thinking about teh web in a different way. I look forward to getting into blogging and web 2.0 "stuff" more as time permits.

  2. Hi Col. Thanks so much for making contact. Was good meeting you there too.

    Are you thinking of blogging as part of your work, personal or both?

    Waiting for the time to permit can mean you never get a start. A lot of personal blogging is stream of consciousness stuff so ideally needs to be merged into what you do naturally. A blog can have many because effects so I’d encourage a start.

    The big part is just to start. Did you get a blog started at the workshop? If so, what’s the url? If not, yell out and we can get you started sometime easily.

    Cheers mate.

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