More simple cell phones for life

emporia have a great statement on their site which states:

What is simple will be understood.
What is understood generates relevance.

emporia simplified cell phones

I came across these phones made by emporia via Popgadget blog. They reminded me of my observations made in an earlier post where I see that simpler interfaces for devices that hide the convergence but provide relevant functionality will become more popular. One could argue that in fact the iPhone does just that, maybe on a ‘higher’ level.

Some quotes from the article :

One complaint that I hear from many of my friends is that cellphones are too complicated. Those users who don’t need fancy animations and extra applications will be thrilled that Emporia is rolling out a couple of handsets that strip out all of the unnecessary fluff from the modern cellphone. These simplified phones are marketed towards senior citizens, but they will appeal to anyone who just wants “a phone and nothing else.”

The number pad is oversized, and the screen is backlit in orange for easy reading. Ringtones and alerts can be set to ultra loud for those who are hard of hearing, and the silent alerts have extra strong vibration settings.

The most notable feature is an extra heart shaped button on the back of the phone for summoning help in case of emergencies. The Life button can dial emergency numbers or be used to send pre-defined text messages.

The second new handset from the company is the emporiaTime. Where the Life has a button for summoning help, the Time has an extra button that calls up alarm clock functions for reminders on appointments and medications.

More photos on Slashphone.

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