Suffolk ‘n’ Cool Second Life T-shirts

sfncSo here’s how a net works.

Mike emailed me about Peter Clitheroe ( saying he’s a mate of Pete Cogle ( and how he was heard on his podcast talking about having tshirts in Second Life and needing a hand with getting them out in-world. So, I left a comment on the suffolk ‘n’ cool site offering help.

albert&dave_sfnc.jpgSo, there I was in SL and Peter IM’d me. I was in middle of an opening where my art was being exhibited but he joined us and I got one of his t-shirts and a shot of us wearing them.

If you have SL you can get your own shirt from this location using the following slurl :

Now, if I can just get a t-shirt designed for our podcast, extraordinary everyday lives.

4 thoughts on “Suffolk ‘n’ Cool Second Life T-shirts

  1. Ha ha, that’s great guys. I’m still not 100% into SL myself, but I’m glad to see that you guys have a connection here.

    If you ever do spot a dubious looking dude called Audacious Dryke, then he’ll probably be interested in a T-shirt or two…..


  2. Well Pete….if you are on, click on the slurl in the blog post, then go to SL and open the Map and the location of the T-shirts will be entered on the map for you so you just have to click Teleport and you’re there!


  3. .. and so the network grows, I passed on the appeal for someone to help with the T-shirt design and one of the musicians featured on Suffolk ‘n’ Cool last night is making the offer from New York – he’ll contact you direct.

    "It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it"



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