eAccess forum workup

danger-accessibilityAs part of work, I’m giving a talk/demo at a forum on eAccessibility next week to a couple hundred Govt. and NGO types. I’m no accessibility expert and think mostly they want demonstrated issues around physical access to the online world.

I’m thinking about what effects software design, layout, markup – virtual things – have where they meet the physical world in the form of an actual person (wow, sounds like the intersection of technology and human desire). Particularly they want me to focus on a person who has some kind of physical limitation rather than say someone who say has a vision impairment – I know, I know, sight is a physical limitation too….but I didn’t know how else to put it.

I’ll also be using some online examples. So if you have any good or bad examples of designing for access shoot me a link. Or if you have any thoughts on it please let me know in email or comments. (see the “Contact” page for contacts)

Here’s a link to some ideas I’ll be using… eAccessibility workup

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