Reality is sometimes…..

Yes, Stranger than Fiction.

(No Signal)
clock gears
Photo by Whistling in the Dark

I just got back from seeing the film Stranger Than Fiction. I state upfront I’m not a Will Ferrell fan and have come to expect shallow, overstated slapstick which quite frankly leaves me feeling empty.

But this movie is different. It is a brilliantly written story that pulls you into its spell as it weaves its way on Ferrell’s character and the others that are destined to intersect his existence.

And it’s just these intersections where the film glows..shines is too shallow…with life being found in the overlaping lives of the people he comes across.

It’s in this overlap and in these interstices of the ‘mesh‘ of our existence with others where life really takes place. It’s where the signal will be found.


Photo by Ben McLeod

It leaves me asking the question…

If the signal is in the overlap and these overlaps are often the result of serendipitous collisions of the network effect, how can we deliberately make more collisions?

But before you answer that…take a break and go out and see the movie. You just may bump into someone!

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