tools = freedom


Back on Jan 16 and 18, posts by JP alerted me of a video of Lawrence Lessig speaking at the 23rd Chaos Communications Congress. Here’s a link to the video.

JP says:

One of the key points made by Lawrence Lessig in his 23C3 speech is how code, once used solely to make things work, is now being used to make culture; as he says “the tools of creativity have become the tool of speech”.

What hit me about that and jumped out of the video to me was the statement in the captured shot from the video displayed above and the statement “tools = freedom”.

This is the very cornerstone of the lifekludger philosophy :

tools = freedom

tools for fun = tools for life

I was in the mechanical field…I know about tools. The tools in my life now are the devices, modifications, adaptations……the kludges, which make doing life with a disability more than just a ‘surviving’ – they make it a ‘life’ and return ‘freedoms’ back that were lost. And if it works for me it can work for others.

Returning lost freedom in people’s lives – now that’s a creative commons worth pursuing.

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