Share Overlap Connect

Well it seems too much is happenning in my life at present. Which annoys me. It annoys me because I desire connection and in the world of connection sharing is key….another word I spin on that sharing meme is openness.

But it takes time to share. And right now I don’t have time to share. So I’m making time to share a little bit, show the overlap and the connections from that.

Mike, my mate, brother in munge and podcast co-host is in Sydney at the Unlimited Potential conference where Hugo is who is also a mate and was the first guest on said podcast. Hugo leant me a Tablet to review after hooking up with him on a podcast on TPN, a hookup which Mike is going to play the audio of . I see Mike is thinking of a UMPC which reminds me. Hugo, isn’t it time a UMPC got a Lifekludger going-over? Meanwhile Beth Worrall, a friend of Mikes, appeared on her first podcast and gives the shoutout to Mike and I.

Remember…connections happen when stories overlap!
Stories need to be shared for the overlap to occur.
Share or die!


5 thoughts on “Share Overlap Connect

  1. Hey Kludge!

    I got the message loud and clear! Send me an email telling me which device you want and I’ll get one sent straight over…I believe there is a shiny new EO i7210 Ultra-Mobile PC that would like a Mike Wallace once-over…

  2. LOL…glad you picked up on my cheeky remark!

    Love blogs too mate. Let me know what address to send it to. I am waiting for some demo units to come back and I will get it out to you early next week. Cheers Dave, your input is always EXTREMELY valuable!

  3. Hey Uncle Nick. I dunno what Uncle Mike refers to…maybe that I’m just starting to cover costs of blogging with few ads. It certainly is welcome but nothing spectacular. Uncle Mike, besides being a big supporter, sees things clearer than me I think so I’ll defer to his judgement and hope he is right! How’s life for you hanging with the big boys?

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