Lifekludger in Sydney Morning Herald

lifekludger using pdaNovember 23, 2006

“Quadriplegic, podcaster and blogger Dave Wallace tells Fran Molloy how he uses technology.”

Sydney Morning Herald

I woke early today and wandering around my feed reader found my interview article has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald online site overnight. Will wander physically down street later and see if it made it into print in The Age.

Another photo

4 thoughts on “Lifekludger in Sydney Morning Herald

  1. And in the SMH weekly Tech mailing that goes around the world.

    I get the mailing in Canada.

    Curious about the piston (which sounds like a heavy base with the
    piston arm as a flexible holder.)

    I get around
    Quadriplegic, podcaster and blogger Dave Wallace tells Fran Molloyhow
    he uses technology.
    Full Story:

    The Sydney Morning Herald
    Tech Weekly Newsletter Tue, 28 Nov 2006 13:48:37 +0900 (EST)
    If you would prefer to receive this email in HTML format (with
    graphics)go to

  2. Inspirational and I’m sorry I haven’t heard of you before – as young as 12 I attached a lamp to our kettle at home "for deaf people to see it’s boiled", but dad didn’t appreciate it seeing as nobody at home was deaf…
    Now I see that plenty of people have plenty of great ideas to help those with disabilities manage their day-to-day life, and I think it’s fantastic obviously.
    However, I may be very wrong but I DON’T see many ideas to help the disabled have FUN at home? One can only watch so much passive TV, surely… 🙂

    What do you do in your downtime, and what do you think people would like to do, if only they had the right gadget?
    Or am I WAY off the mark?

  3. Gday Bill. Thanks for the comment. Nice to know someone in Canada is tuning in.

    I will do a post on the piston I use as a mouthstick holder. all it is, is a piston from the engine of a car, turned upside down. It gives a heavy base and yet the whole thing is not overly heavy itself, and it has enough little spots to stop the stick falling out yet hold it on the correct angle.

    Stay tuned. Thanks, Dave.

  4. It’s a big world NiteKreeper! Don’t be sorry.

    Your Dad would’ve liked it less if your kettle light was hooked to the mains! 🙂
    You’re right, FUN is a good thing, and unfortunately a lot of people living withdisability often are battling to get their basic needs met for people to recognise that, hey FUN might be a basic need in everyone’s life!

    In my case, being limited what I can do also limits my play. I’m not one to veg in front of TV so most of what I do is computer based. Unfortunately, until recently, having computer as work and play meant I often wasn’t really resting while playing. The results weren’t nice and you can read more about that here : .

    So yes. Lifekludging needs to also focus on enabling play and fun. After all, fun IS a part of LIFE and if a person’s life needs a kludge to have fun, then that’s what should happen!


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