Happy Anniversary to me

Today is the anniversary of when I started blogging.

Yes, 1 year ago, my first steps onto the write side of the read/write web were bought forth onto the unsuspecting blogosphere.

I’ve been up to a bit since then. Started a few crusades. I took my Bring Beetroot Back to Subway campaign to the blogosphere. Lifekludger blog was started to explore my crusade to bring technology into the lives of people living with disability. Talked up a storm about Jewels in the Longtail. Got some great response for simply sharing about my trying out a couple TabletPC. Presented at a conference about connecting with blogs and podcasts. Started a podcast.

But the best bit has been the people I’ve made contact with.

In particular my renewed association with my friend, colleague, recently fellow Munge Brother, and in many respects mentor, Mike Seyfang. Connections do indeed happen when stories overlap. I’m glad that after a 20 odd year association of sporadic story overlap in our lives that we finally landed on the same page in the story book.

And you, if you’ve somehow stumbled upon my blogging in the past 12months and had a glance, thanks. Thanks for doing your part in making sure that for every blog writer there’s a blog reader.

Thanks to everybody that’s linked, commented, emailed or skyped. Being an active participant is exactly what this web 2.0 thing is about.

Now some stats. Between my personal blog and the Lifekludger blog I’ve written 282 posts, had 13,000 visits, a bit over 20,000 page views, seen returning visits grow from 50-700, subscribers to the feeds grow from 0 to 120 currently (peaking at 140 and averaging 52) and earnt the grand sum of $73.20 from Google adsense .

I’ve learnt a lot and had a hoot.

Here’s to the next year! Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me

  1. Happy Anniversary, it is so awesome to have finally discovered your website. You are doing so many creative things, that I think I’m gonna subscribe. Off to check out another bit of Disability Culture – Phila fave Melody Gardot is playing outdoors up in Chestnut Hill. Hope you had a blast celebrating your first anniversary. Mike

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