Like trying to find a needle in a ….

When Doc quotes Christopher Carfi and within the context comments about the new service Haystack as an example of what Don Marti calls 2GI, or 2nd Generation Intermediation.

Its a new form of mediation that gets older forms out of the way. It’s the shortest distance, for example, betwen users and the people who create what they use.

My ears prick up.

For Lifekludger to be effective it needs to foster social service disintermediation as much as possible.

Traditional services who treat people living with disability as being strictly ‘clients‘ who they can ‘place‘ somewhere, or do something ‘for‘ or ‘to‘ rather than including them ‘in‘ and collaborating ‘with‘ them, need, to put it bluntly, to get out of the way.

Haystack seems a good medium in the arsenal of tools to enable just that.

I’ve created a Haystack for Lifekludger. If anyone has any inkling of interest in what Lifekludger is about, nip over there, sign into Haystack, join the Lifekludger haystack and start finding each other.

Haystack presents as a business tool – but I see it more as a way to align yourself with a cause. I’m keen to see if we can’t leverage it for Non-profit causes.

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