Some days are diamonds, some …..

Yep, today was definately a stone.

Thanks mostly to inflexible workplace support arrangements courtesy of the inflexible, dehumanising Australian Federal Government.

I was in a meeting with four, yes four, people paid to tick boxes so they can fit me into the dictated ‘support’ arrangements so I can have the assistance required to fulfill my working role. I counted 21 staff on their in/out board. 21 people to tick boxes so I can get help at work.

The part that annoys me is that for the past 13 years I’ve had exactly the same amount of support with no hassles. Why’s it changing now? Well, it’s suppossedly to minimise risk to the Govt. of putting workers into the field. The economic rationalist agenda never sleeps.

It’s unsaid, but the reality I think is that they don’t really expect somebody with a disability like I have to be working in the position I am. Certainly not full-time and in a managerial/decision making role. They expect I should stay put, not be ambitious, and am not motivated to better myself. Like I said, it’s unsaid, but often you don’t need words to know you’re not valued – actions speak louder.

What really urks me is how they don’t as an organisation own up to that part of the problem that has been due their own beuracratic inefficiencies.

I refuse to fit neatly into theirs or anyone elses box they create.

I shall not go gently into that good night….

2 thoughts on “Some days are diamonds, some …..

  1. I feel a rant brewing for this weeks eel – the need to put all such process monkeys to sleep. It took 5 tries to get my passport renewed. It has taken 4 days to get a service call logged for my home phone… And now your day of world blazing lifekludging has been wasted…..

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