Rebooting Relationship

Looking at some of the thoughts filtering out of Reboot8, a post by Robert Paterson titled Reboot8 – Transactions or Relationships? A return to being human! caugfht my attention and just kept reinforcing my thinking on a few things.

About having, not using blogs. Like I wrote last week in No-one likes to be used….

Blogs are RELATIONAL not merely TRANSACTIONAL. And nobody in a relationship likes to be USED.

Robert’s well summarised description got me asking the question I posed at the end of Openness is more than an API

“Is openness a cultures’ adaptive behaviour to enable what in essence we crave” relationship?

Here’s some choice bits of what Robert said came out of the conference :

Natural human relationships, based on honor and reputation, mediated in the context of community will replace transactional relationships mediated by institutions.

Community and personal reputation will increasingly be amplified by social software and will creates “Places” in which commerce will take place, just as markets themselves were once social spaces. Participation is not a feature of this emerging paradigm but its centrality.

Blogs are documented ‘natural human relationships’ and the same rules of relationships apply in virtual space as in physical space. If we think they don’t we’re thinking in the past not the now and certainly not of the future. Trust, reputation, honour matter. Things naturally occur or grow out of participating.

Robert reports that at the end of the conference that everyone was asked us to speak out what they would do now. For my part, it’s Lifekludger.

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