In absentia

Darwin00089Yes, I know, the Lifekludger has been a bit quiet on the home-front. Well I’ve been on holidays and away from easy access to a computer. I had a notebook pc with me but being out of my usual environment meant it was often hard to access it much. This hilighted the importance of environment for access – and access to more than just buildings. I’ll explain.

I found I had a wireless access point broadcasting 3 buildings away from the Hotel I was staying so went and bought some hours from them and propped my laptop up on a couple pillows on the table back in my room but the signal wasn’tstrong enough. So I went on a huntto find a place closer to the place where I could find a table I could get under in my wheelchair and reach the laptop with my mouthstick. One place was a outdoor restaurant with a high bar-stool style table, I perched my notebook there but signal was still no good. Similarly, in a park across the road, I found a table I could get under, but wireless was no-go. So I was relegated to dial-up access from the Hotel room, which was slow at best and didn’t work at times. I did manage to fix a couple server problems at work with that and leave a couple blog posts. But to upload some pictures I had to go into the crowded internet cafe where they still had no high tables and little space and got a helper to plug in and upload photos. And I did get a Skype chat with Mike for a few minutes, which may appear as an example of podcasting over bad dialup connetivity on a future show.

Unfortunately my photographer lost a SD card of some snaps with me trying to explore these novel ways of accessing a computer, so unless it magically appears in a piece of clothing or in the washing machine, you’ll just need to imagine a guy in a wheelchair with a mouthstick wandering around quite public areas of Darwin and poking at a notebook propped up on anything that looked anywhere like high enough to use.

Consequently with all these fun and games a couple projects I had set to write while away didn’t get done.

But not to worry, I’m working on them now and will have something to show for it soon. There’s a review of a Tablet PC and a document that I want to flesh out about just what I see in the future of Lifekludger. This latter one was inspired by a Suitwatch article Doc Searls wrote for Linux Journal a while back, so it has a good foundation….just hope I can get my thoughts through as clear as Doc does.

Until then, you might like to check out these nice holiday snaps.

2 thoughts on “In absentia

  1. Hey Doc, nice chat in ‘first person’ mode-ish.

    It is SuitWatch – April 27 – Beyond GandhiCon 4. Basically your article came right on the heels of this post after listening to a bit from Tim O’reilly. In that post I summed up what Tim was saying as "Opensource meets the physical world".

    Then bang, I read your Suitwatch and it hit me that I *think* what I’m on about with the Lifekludger idea is the "opensourcing of technology for disability".

    I’ve got a highlighted doc of the Suitwatch I’ll send if your interested…but it’ll probably not mean much read by itself…but may alongside the Lifekludger vision. It’s all that stuff I’m trying to pull together to express coherently.

    Dave – Lifekludger

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