Language and Nationality

Good to see a post by Steve Gleeson and signs in it that he’s starting to get and idea of the rewards blogging offers.

Steve asks “Do English Blog?” He seems to be asking about ‘English’ people (nationality) rather than English speaking. Which is strange as he lives in Australia. I’d much rather ask ‘Do Australians blog?’ To which I’d answer yes, but not mearly enough. But it’s still early days really.

Dave Sifry, Founder and CEO of Technorati, has some interesting comment about blogging languages (as opposed to the actual nationality of the blogger) over in part 2 of his latest State of the Blogosphere post.

Steve also ponders:

“Why do people – yes everyday normal people – decide to expose themselves by creating a blog and going public. ”

From where I sit, I think it has something to do with how we are made up. Some of which I talked about in my previous poast ‘Openness is more than an API‘.

The short form is people crave relationship and connection/communication is at the heart of relationship – Connection and communication on a large scale is what blogs are good at.

The blogosphere is in essence just one big love-fest!

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