On context and openness

“blogging is the opensourcing of ideas” – confused of calcutta.

Context is something that bugs me from time to time, and features in Lifekludger. Openness is a more recent ‘fog’ to me.

A couple more recent posts from around the place that have got me back thinking about context again, and openness still.

In a post “Blink, War and Platonic Goals“, themaninthedoorway says “knowledge, context and experience are the environment essential to unconscious decision making.”

Confused of Calcutta writes in an excellent post titled “Four Pillars: Thinking more about blogging and enterprise architecture“, “blogging is the opensourcing of ideas”

And the very ‘Lifekludger-ish’ “Because problems are not constant. So we have to solve for problem-solving, not solve specific problems.”

On context he adds “Command is leadership and can happen even in emergent environments, does happen even in emergent environments. Command is not permanent but contextual. Control, on the other hand, is hierarchical, permanent-and-therefore-temporary, rarely domain or context sensitive.”

Well, it all meant something to me….in the ‘fog’ somewhere.

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