Goodbye Horizontal HQ

Had a day off Tuesday. Went to the specialist to have an xray of the broken arm. Last time I have to see him. Apparently the bonmes started to knit and staying in the place it was when all this strarted.

Thing is it appears it isn’t, or never has been, lined up where it should be. The bone is therefore left on a different angle, so remains to be seen if, after physio, I get the range back in it I had before.

Has reminiscences of my ankle, which years ago I broke without knowing and then by time doctor found out it had set and so now remains crooked.

Anway, all this means for stint in Horizontal headquarters is now over. I’m still keeping focused on a more permanent setup for my horizontal computing needs but it’s a slow process. Latest thinking is either a monitor suspended from ceiling or a projector setup. I’ll report more over on Lifekludger as it happens.

So, for now, here ends the Horizontal HQ saga.

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