People who give a damn!

This post started as an email reply to Frank Arrigo. Frank was kindly answering another of my questions about Bluetooth and PDA interoperability. My response evolved however into something that really needs to be more widely heard, hence I’m posting it here.

> Unfortunately the news isn’t good
> I haven’t been able to get that to work 😦 — WM5 will not auto-answer
> an incoming call on a BT haedset WITHOUT pressing a button
> Frank Arrigo

Hey Frank!

That’s a bugger! So does WM5 still have that little checkbox to auto-answer?

On 2003 it does but only answers to a hard-wired headset plugged physically into the jack.

Looks like MS still have some work to do then…..Nokia have had this on their phones for yonks!

It also means once again I’m stuffed…moreso now since breaking my (good) arm means I’ve lost some range and I can’t reach my ear to attempt to press the earpiece button.

1 more question Frank….then I *might* leave you in peace… Can you press a button on the K-Jam and the BT earpiece answer? (sorry if you’ve covered this b4…I can’t recall).

Frank, you are single handedly answering the very sort of questions that need answering before someone who is not representative of 90% of the population NEEDS answered before thinking of purchasing anything. Consumers need a channel for these detailed answers.

There’s no way retailers know, I’ve asked, or any program/way I can test the thing in store – they just don’t care. Big help-desk/support teams are there for AFTER the decision. Sales people frankly (sorry the pun) don’t seem to have the word ‘detail’ on their radar.

How on earth are we suppossed to make an informed decision? These issues are ‘froth and bubble’ and at most an inconvenience or annoyance to most able-bodied persons, but to anyone without the full function that the consumer of such goods is ‘assumed’ to possess, they’re ‘make-or-break’.

And don’t tell me to go find the answers in blogs, wikis and discussion groups. I’ve been there. The only thing that makes a difference in these situations is personal contact with someone who gives a damn!

Thankfully, in this case, I found Frank.

And to any regular readers (if you exist), who like seeing ‘gadetry’, I seem to have strayed into commentary of late in this blog……well maybe that might need to happen.

Perhaps just showing and highlighting solutions does nothing but ‘titilate’ the imagination. And perhaps showing ‘what-ifs’ and looking for the glorious possibilities of ‘could be’ solutions only highlights an already existant reality of ‘is-not’. Maybe, against all my wishes and endeavours, I’m only serving to reinforce hopelessness in lives already faced with obstacles of a world designed, and is in a state of constantly being re-designed, that screams at you – “YOU DON’T FIT OUR MOULD”!

If that’s the case, and I could find this out to be true, I will, without hesitation shut this blog down, instantly. God knows, I don’t need the toil.

Because people……


2 thoughts on “People who give a damn!

  1. Hey Dave

    I have good news now

    Following my update to AKU2, I have subsedquently re-paired my bt headset, re-installed voice command


    I have set the phone to auto pickup after 1 rin


    It answers


    It is picked up by my Bluetooth headset

    No buttons were pressed to answer the call


  2. Frank. That’s brilliant.

    Sorry if that post appeared a bit grumpy. In retrospect I should’ve seperated my conversation with you from my rant about channels and barriers.

    I want to stress to everyone that the rant was in NO WAY directed to you Frank. You’re an exemplary model of what a person who cares can achieve for others. You’re more than worth your weight in anything you want to name. True aussie initiative!

    I hope you’re enjoying your new found hands-free environment. As soon as I get the finances together I’ll be heading out to join you.

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