Horizontal HQ Sessions #2

Another rant between Mike and I, this time around the whole ‘inequality kerfuffle‘, as Hugh termed it. It touches on the issues behind the [tag]gatekeepers[/tag] debate. Empowerment, inclusion, isolation, barriers – all these things which over 20 years in a wheelchair has given me good opportunity to be aquainted with.

Great to see people like [tag]Doc Searles[/tag] giving recognition of affermative action (traction) that [tag]Kent Newsome[/tag] is proposing with the second opinion tag. In our chat, Mike came up with the idea of Jewels in the Longtail and going ‘hunting’ for them. Good on you guys. Those are positive/ affermative / pro-active things to do to make the blogosphere great.

This podcast is really background to my response to Hugh here and was the means by which Mike helped me by discussing the issues and doing the bulk of the typing for me – the task I find slowest while laid up.

Blobcast #5 – Horizontal HQ Sessions #2.
Mike (Learndog) and Dave (Lifekludger) chat about stuff they’re thinking about. This session is about the social end of the LongTail, Ensuring every voice has at least one listener, connection, inclusion, digging for the jewels in the LongTail and how to get a discussion going in the blogosphere.

Dave – [tag]Lifekludger[/tag]

[tags]second opinion, longtailjewel[/tags]

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