SGD interface for mobiles wins on Inventors

Last year I met Toan Nguyen at a seminar in Adelaide. Tonight I was watching The New Inventors on ABC TV and Toan was on as a contestant with his SGD Mobile Access interface :

SGD Mobile Access is a software interface added to existing technology. This enables users who do not have the use of speech or their hands to access & control all of the commands available on mobile phones.

For more information see the ABC site.

Well done Toan and the Novitatech team.

This can only add fuel to the push for a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bid in Technology for Independent Living, which is being driven by Lloyd Walker, to be based here in Innovative Adelaide!

SGD Mobile Access
(CRC) in Technology for Independent Living flyer.
Lloyd Walker’s blog.

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One thought on “SGD interface for mobiles wins on Inventors

  1. Thanks for putting it up Dave. We keep winning awards so it is clear the team is top class and what we are doing makes a difference. All we need now is to get the funding to support the team so it isn’t so hand to mouth!


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